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You may have already heard, but from 1st February 2020, class cover for The Centre and Langley Leisure will go through the Cover Ninja app. You will receive push notifications for cover that are completely targeted to you and all your cover will be logged within the app.
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Get Cover Ninja & create your account

First things first, you need to create your Cover Ninja account. You can do this on your mobile, by downloading Cover Ninja from the App Store/Google Play – click here.  Or, you can create your account on your desktop, by clicking ‘Create your account’ from this page or visiting app.coverninja.co.uk/registration. If you set up your account on your desktop, you will then need to download the app and log in. Creating your account takes between 5-10 minutes and you set which class types you teach. You will also set your location range you are available in for cover and your availability so that you only get requests that are relevant to you. You will have to upload your insurance/certificates to the app so please ensure you have these to hand.

All of your classes are pre-loaded

All your classes for The Centre and/or Langley Leisure are pre-loaded and ready and waiting for you in the app, and you are able to post a cover request in seconds. Simply go to the Get Cover tab on the bottom bar, select the date you need cover for and the class and then you can post it out. You can also add extra info for the confirmed cover instructor and prioritise your favourite cover instructors.

Cover classes & earn more

With your account set up, cover requests come directly to your phone via push notification. You will also receive an email. You only receive requests that are completely specific to you and you can simply accept or decline the cover accordingly! Once you are confirmed to cover, all the information you need is available at the click of a button. You can even add the cover to your phones calendar and receive a useful reminder 24 hours before the class.

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