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How it works for Venues

Cover Ninja gives the control back to you whilst removing all the work. Cover Ninja not only sources the absolute best instructor for the class, but manages the entire process to save time, energy and stress for your venue staff.

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Are your venue staff spending time helping instructors arrange cover when they shouldn’t be? And, do you know who is covering at your venue and whether they have the right qualifications and insurance or were they just found on an unofficial facebook group?

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How it works


1. Create your profile

Create your venue profile and set your class pre-requisites to be confident that any cover instructor chosen has the right qualifications & experience to deliver a great class for your members. This set up means that your instructors are still responsible for finding cover but the app will choose someone according to YOUR criteria.


2. Maintain control

Control and manage your cover groups within the app and set your groups in order of preference for when the app is sourcing a cover instructor. You can create favourite groups as well as block instructors you don't want to cover at your venue. The app will automatically know who to give preference to when choosing a cover instructor.


3. View upcoming covers

Whenever a cover instructor is confirmed for your venue you will receive a notification and have the opportunity to view the profile of the cover instructor to know who to expect when they cover the class. Venue staff are able to see a "quick view" of who is covering at the venue that day/week/month but there is no need for them to manually update the studio timetable, as Cover Ninja has already done it!


4. Post cover requests

Most of the time your instructors will post cover for their classes through the app themselves (using the pre-requisites you have already set) but you have the ability to post cover requests as well if you need. Using all the pre-requisites that you set for each class, Cover Ninja does all the hard work behind the scenes, only contacting instructors that are relevant and fit the bill for that class. You will receive a notification when an instructor has been confirmed.


5. Rate the cover instructor

When the work is complete, rate the instructors profile in turn helping to maintain a high quality work standard. If they were great, add them to a favourites list, and if you had a bad experience (hopefully this won't be the case!) you are able to block them or remove from a favourites group.


How it Works...

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