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Seamless management

Cover Ninja is an automated, instant platform removing all the back and forth between your venue staff and their instructors.

Block & favourite instructors

Create simplified, up to date cover lists by adding instructors to your favourites list (giving them priority for cover) or block them altogether (meaning they will never cover for you again).

Get more instructors

Cover Ninja is Nationwide database of GEX instructors. Grow your cover lists and connect with some of the most talented instructors in the country.

Calendar integrations and reminders

Confirmed covers can be added directly to the instructors phone/computer calendar, whilst handy email and push notification reminders are sent 24 hours before, meaning covers are never ‘forgotten’.

Pre-set venue criteria

You set the criteria of cover and only instructors that fit this criteria will be permitted to teach at your venue. Instructor qualifications/insurances are easily accessed and downloaded directly from Cover Ninja.

Transparent Instructor information

Add handy tips into your venue profile, such as where to sign in, how the sound system works, who to invoice and more. Cover instructors can view this from their app removing the need to ring up and ask.

Data Insights

Cover Ninja provides real-time operational visibility. Use this data to improve performance and member retention.

One stop comms

All cover information and interactions are displayed on the platform and can be accessed by any authorised venue staff, 24/7, removing the reliance of the studio coordinator and out of office hours.

Admin made easy

Cover Ninja reduces the back of house admin burden. Cross check cover invoices or seamlessly access instructor contact details. One platform, in one place, in real-time.

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