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How it works for Instructors

With Cover Ninja you can easily and efficiently sort cover for your classes via the app or gain work and make money according to your own preferences.


Sick and tired of wasting time contacting hundreds of people when you need your class covered? Fed up of irrelevant cover requests and messages clogging up your phone every day but daren’t leave the cover group as you don’t want to miss out when you are actually looking for extra work?

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How it works


1. Create your profile

Simply sign up and create your profile. Here you can add your experience, the types of classes you can cover, your availability, your pay range preference and the location you want to cover in – that way you will only be contacted for classes that you might actually be interested in!


2. Post cover request

Not feeling well, going on holiday or just not able to teach your class and need to get cover? Having saved all your classes, simply select the class you need covering and let Cover Ninja do all the hard work behind the scenes! You will receive a notification when cover has been found, so you can relax knowing that your class will be in good hands.


3. Receive cover requests

Want to earn some extra cash and gain experience in some of the UK’s best fitness venues? With Cover Ninja you can receive cover requests that are relevant to you and your profile preferences. Simply click “accept” or “decline”. When cover is confirmed, all the cover/venue information and details are available to view from the app.


4. Easy admin

All information about upcoming and past covers will be available on your app as well as added to your calendar so scheduling and planning has never been easier. You will have easy access to more information about the class or venue that you are covering in and contact details at the click of a button.


5. Get your invoices done

After you have covered a class you have access to invoicing details for the venue to make sure you can get your invoices in to the right person at the right time to get paid for your hard work!

Happy Instructor!

How it Works...

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