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Get your classes covered, pick up extra work and earn more money with Cover Ninja. Let Cover Ninja do all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Sick and tired of wasting time contacting hundreds of people when you need your class covered? Fed up of irrelevant cover requests and messages clogging up your phone every day but daren’t leave the cover group as you don’t want to miss out when you are actually looking for extra work?


What do I need to set up my account?

When you set up your account you will be creating your Cover Ninja profile.  This will include a profile image and some contact details. You will also be required to upload all of your insurance/certification documents so that we know you are a real instructor!  Make sure you have your documents handy when you are setting up your account. You can upload an image from your phone’s image folder, or you can take a photo from the app of your document if it is printed out.  You should include all of your different qualifications so that when you are confirmed to cover, the venue is able view these and make sure you are qualified to cover.

Please watch this video for a step by step walk through of creating an account.

You are also able to create your account on your desktop if easier.  Just visit and either Log In if you have already verified your email, or click “Sign up Now”. Once you have activated your account on your computer, you can then head back to your mobile app and log in from there.

How do I post a request for cover?


Posting a cover request could not be simpler.  All your classes have already been programmed by your venue, so you just need to go to the Get Cover tab and choose the date you need cover for.  On clicking the date, your class will appear. You select the class and click Next.  All information has already been pre-loaded by the venue for your class and so you can just click ‘Post Cover’ and the request will go out to all eligible instructors.   You are able to add further notes that will only be viewable by the confirmed cover instructor.  The venue has set their preference on who will receive the request, but you are also able to prioritise instructors you would like to be chosen to cover for you. Click on the receiving group edit button and then click to prioritise instructors. This will only show instructors that they venue has OK’d.  You can choose one or multiple instructors and this means that if they are available then they will be chosen, ahead of any other instructors.  The first person to respond out of the prioritised instructors will be chosen.  If none of them are available or eligible to cover, then the app will choose someone from the venue’s pre-set preferences.

Watch this video for a step-by-step on posting a cover request.

How do I accept a cover request?

In the Requests Tab you will see all the cover requests you are eligible for.  With each request you will be able to see the name of the class (you can click to read a description), the date and time of the class, the pay rate of the class and the venue that the class is at (you can click on this to bring up the venue profile).

If you would like to be considered for this cover, you can click “I can do this” or if you would not like to cover then you are able to “Decline the Cover Request” to remove it from your Requests tab and take you out of the running for the cover.

The request may or may not say “You are a prioritised instructor”.  If it says this, that means that if you click “I can do this”, you will be confirmed for the class immediately, which you can view in Your Cover > I’m Covering > Confirmed.  If the request does not say this then you will go into a pool of instructors and find out after a time period if you have been successful.  The request will go into Your Cover > I’m Covering > Pending. If you are successful you will be notified and this will move into Your Cover > I’m Covering > Confirmed.

Watch a step-by-step of cover requests here.

How do I make sure I only receive cover requests that are relevant to me?

Your Cover Requests Settings will make sure that all your requests are completely targeted and specific to you.  There are 4 sections of your cover request settings – Your Class Categories, Location, Availability and Minimum Pay rate.
Class categories – this is where you specify which types of classes you can cover.  Choose the categories that best suit the classes you teach. One category may include multiple classes for example if you teach TRX classes these will fall under the Strength / Fitness category, whilst an aerobics or dance fitness class would fall under Exercise to Music.  If you teach Les Mills classes, make sure you select all the classes you teach.  You should select all the categories you are qualified to teach.  You will only receive requests for classes in the categories that you have specified you teach.

Location – You must set your location range of where you would like to be considered for cover. You can write in an address or choose your current location and then you will be able to choose the distance around that location that you would like to cover for.  You can set this range as big or as small as you want to.

Availability – You are able to set your availability so that you only receive requests for classes that you may be available for. If you know that you never want to receive requests for Monday mornings or Friday evenings for example, then you can just turn this availability off.  You can, however, keep your availability set to ON for all days/times which means that you will receive all the requests and then can choose whether to accept or decline them as they come in.

Minimum rate – This is where you can specify the lowest pay rate you would like to receive requests for. You can set this for 60 min classes, 45 mins classes and 30 mins classes. If you set your minimum rate for a 60 mins class to £25, then if there is a cover request for a 60 mins class that is paying less than £25 then you won’t even receive the request.  You receive requests for anything on or above the minimum rate you set.  Alternatively, you can keep your minimum rate at £0 which means you will receive all the cover requests and you can choose whether to accept or decline them as they come in.


After a class, how do I view invoicing details?

After the class, your cover card will appear in Your Cover > I’m Covering > Past.  If you expand the card, you will see a button called “Invoicing details”.