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Reduce up to 90% of wasted staff time

It is proven that a single venue will spend in excess of 2 hours a day managing the class cover process. Cover Ninja removes this inefficient, wasted time. Your staff should be doing work that impacts your business, not doing hours of admin that Cover Ninja can do in seconds.

Save money

Cover Ninja can save each venue up to £6500 per annum of unnecessary cover management staffing costs. Save this and reduce your operating costs, or repurpose your studio coordinator to improve productivity.

Control who covers in your venue

Utilising pre-set venue criteria and preferences allows you to regain control over who teaches in your venue. Block instructors so they never receive cover requests or teach in your venue again and add top performing instructors to favourites lists so they are given priority for covers.

Stay within the GDPR law

With Cover Ninja, you (and your team) can stop emailing or sharing sensitive instructor data. There is no more emailing round the club’s cover list. You abide by the law and everyone’s data is protected.

Reduce class cancellations

Cover Ninja continues to demonstrate a 98% class cover fulfilment rate. Stop cancelling classes and upsetting members because you cannot source a cover instructor.

Increase your GEX instructor resource

Cover Ninja boasts a Nationwide database of highly qualified GEX instructors. Connect with them on Cover Ninja and grow your cover lists.

Remove the reliance of the studio coordinator

Recruiting a studio coordinator based on the quality of their ‘black book’ is no longer necessary. Cover Ninja is a Nationwide GEX database and provides real-time operational visibility. It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the World, by anyone you set access preferences to. Everyone is kept in the loop and is up to date.

Get cover data insights

Use Cover Ninja’s data to help improve the service to your members. Is the same instructor posting for cover every week, do you have enough boxing instructors with availability on Monday nights and who are your star cover instructors that always pick up last minute cover? Get the specific data, act accordingly and improve member retention.

Keep instructors engaged

With instant, targeted cover requests. Instructors specify what types of classes they teach, their location range and availability so they will only receive cover requests that are totally relevant to them.

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