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How do I post a request for cover?

Cover Ninja, June 2019


Posting a cover request could not be simpler.  All your classes have already been programmed by your venue, so you just need to go to the Get Cover tab and choose the date you need cover for.  On clicking the date, your class will appear. You select the class and click Next.  All information has already been pre-loaded by the venue for your class and so you can just click ‘Post Cover’ and the request will go out to all eligible instructors.   You are able to add further notes that will only be viewable by the confirmed cover instructor.  The venue has set their preference on who will receive the request, but you are also able to prioritise instructors you would like to be chosen to cover for you. Click on the receiving group edit button and then click to prioritise instructors. This will only show instructors that they venue has OK’d.  You can choose one or multiple instructors and this means that if they are available then they will be chosen, ahead of any other instructors.  The first person to respond out of the prioritised instructors will be chosen.  If none of them are available or eligible to cover, then the app will choose someone from the venue’s pre-set preferences.

Watch this video for a step-by-step on posting a cover request.

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