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What do I need to do after I post the request?

Cover Ninja, July 2019

There is nothing you need to do! You will be notified when a cover instructor is confirmed. You will receive a push notification and email. You can check the status at any point from the Your Cover > Cover I Need tab. If you expand the class name, it will say the name of the cover instructor. If no one has accepted yet, it will say TBC. If it says “Instructor found, details to follow”, this means that someone can cover, but the app is waiting a little longer to find someone in the top group.

Once you have posted a request, you must not message or Facebook anyone as the app is already searching for you.  Cover Ninja knows instantly (within in a fraction of a second!) if no one from the app is able to cover, and you will be contacted immediately. Therefore, you must trust Cover Ninja so that duplicates do not happen!  Whilst your request is live, there are still eligible instructors who have yet to accept or decline.

Once a cover instructor is confirmed, you must liaise with the confirmed cover instructor directly and follow what your usual protocol is with your venue. In Your Cover > Cover I Need you can expand the class and if you click on the name of the cover instructor, it will bring up the instructor’s profile with contact details.

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