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What does it mean to ‘Prioritise individual instructors”?

Cover Ninja, July 2019

If you know who you would like to cover for you, you are able to select them.  This means that if they say they can cover, they will be chosen immediately. However, if they are not available the app will choose the next most relevant person.


Click on the receiving group edit button and then click to prioritise instructors. This will only show instructors that have activated their Cover Ninja accounts.  You can choose one or multiple instructors and this means that if they are available then they will be chosen, ahead of any other instructors.  The first person to respond out of the prioritised instructors will be chosen. If none of them are available or eligible to cover, then the app will choose someone from the Cover Ninja database or the next receiving group.


If you would only like the request to go to your chosen instructors and no one else, then remove “Cover Ninja Database” from the receiving groups.

Watch this video to see how you prioritise instructors:

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