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Cover classes. Earn more

With Cover Ninja, targeted cover requests come directly to your phone. You specify which type of classes you teach, your location, availability and minimum rate so that you only get requests that are actually relevant. No more RPM requests if you only teach Yoga!

You don’t need to trawl through WhatsApp messages or Facebook groups as you will receive an instant push notification to your phone as well as an email so that you never miss out on a potential opportunity!

Increase your exposure and gain experience covering in different venues. Do a good job and you may be added to cover groups and given priority over future cover!

Save time and post cover requests in seconds

Finding cover for your classes has never been quicker or easier! Your classes are saved on the app so it literally takes a few seconds to post out a request.  Cover Ninja knows exactly who to send the request to, so that only relevant instructors receive the request.

You will receive an instant notification when cover is confirmed and have access to the cover instructor’s profile with more info and contact details. There is no need to sift through messages and responses as everything is displayed clearly on the app.

You can even prioritise your favourites instructors, state that the instructor has to be on a certain payroll, and leave any handy pointers for the confirmed cover instructor to feel confident that your members are receiving a great class in your absence.

Everthing you need at the click of a button

Meet your new best friend! With Cover Ninja, round-robin cover messages and trawling back through old messages are a thing of the past, as everything is available at the click of the button from within the app. When you are confirmed to cover you can view more info about the class you are covering as well as the venue’s profile with contact details, plus a handy maps integration so you know where you are going! You can add the cover to your phone calendar and receive a useful reminder 24 hours before the class.

After the class you can view invoicing details to make sure you know how to get paid for your work!

I don’t teach regularly on any timetables, does this matter?

Not at all! We welcome cover instructors! As long as you have insurance and relevant qualifications you are good to go!

I was invited by my venue – do I still need to create an account?

Yes, even though you are invited by a venue you still need to create your own account so that you can set your own personal preferences for cover.  You will need to upload all your insurance/certification documents even if you have already sent these to the venue that you work at.  If you were invited by your venue, you will be happy to know that once you have created your account, your classes will all be pre-programmed to your account.

I am on the PAYE and so don’t have insurance – can I still join Cover Ninja?

If you have been invited by your venue and you are on the PAYE, you may not need insurance in which case you will be able to skip this section. In this case you will only receive cover requests for that venue. You will need an insurance document uploaded to be able to receive requests from other venues.

How do I get in touch?

We’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at  We’ll aim to get back to you within 24 hours during working hours.

Terms of Use

You can view Cover Ninja’s Terms of Use here.