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Cover Ninja is providing free technology to provide reassurance and resource to brands

Cover Ninja, August 2020

With the fitness industry having taken a huge hit during the past few months, Cover Ninja is providing free technology to provide reassurance and resource to brands as they find their feet in this ‘new normal’

With almost all GEX instructors having been furloughed or let go during the pandemic, there is an understandable staffing worry amongst the industry as gyms re-open their doors and re-launch their class timetables.  Cover Ninja, with its huge Nationwide community of qualified group exercise instructors hungry to pick up work, provides reassurance for brands as they look to re-open whilst at the same time removing unnecessary time and money spent on recruitment.

Due to increased sensitivities toward sickness and the requirement for instructors to isolate at any early symptom, not just for a single class, but potentially for 14 days, the need for Cover Ninja’s robust platform for sourcing and managing cover is now more critical than ever.

With an 100% cover fulfillment rate in February and March before clubs were forced to close, Cover Ninja’s digital platform is a highly efficient and effective way for venues to source and manage cover instructors, as well all their regular instructors.

“Thank you for all the work done by the Cover Ninja Team, you have been essential help during this time.  It’s a huge help now having a platform like yours, classes are all getting covered quickly, my instructors are not struggling or stressing and I have access to all the instructors info that have covered at Covent Garden so that I can easily send all my communications so easily from home.” Studio Coordinator, Nuffield Health Covent Garden

From now, any fitness/leisure venue can register, set up and use Cover Ninja without any financial impact in 2020. In fact, with Cover Ninja proven to save each single venue £6500 per annum of unnecessary class cover staffing costs, utilising Cover Ninja will only positively impact precious cash flows. Already free of charge for instructors, Cover Ninja is determined to support both instructors and venues to get back on their feet post Covid-19 and is offering its technology platform free of charge for venues for the rest of 2020.

Cover Ninja CEO Nicola Addison says:

“We believe that the opportunity is now and we want to help venues to use this time to ensure they re-open stronger than ever. With Cover Ninja, a venue can re-open in the confidence that they are in control of their GEX instructors, with a system that ensures they save time, save money, and deliver the best possible product to their members. We will continue to support gyms and instructors whatever the next few months bring”


Pay nothing in 2020. Save money. Save time. Increase resources with Cover Ninja.

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